RIP Jared


We are all devastated by the loss of our beloved friend Jared, who passed away last Sunday night from respiratory failure…
Rest in peace my brother from another mother. We are all going to miss you forever…

If any of Jared’s clients see this, please call our shop- 415-277-7204.

New Artwork by Jared

Check out Jared’s sick style!


Back from Huskvarna Tattoo Show

Awesome time in Sweden’s Huskvarna Tattoo show! Being a judge together with these two dudes was an honour! Really international convention filled with awesome artists that is worth visiting. I’ll will visit and be a part of it as long as it runs. Love you all!!!


One of Svetlyo’s big projects


One of Svetlyo’s finished Asian style projects.

Contact Svetlyo to get a special price for a bigger design.