One of Svetlyo’s big projects


One of Svetlyo’s finished Asian style projects.

Contact Svetlyo to get a special price for a bigger design.

Chest piece by Svetlyo


Svetlyo worked three days in a row to finish most of this chest piece on a hardcore client! :-)


Guest Artists Pernilla and Tony

Guest Artists Pernilla and Tony

Pernilla & Tony are two amazing artists from Sweden! They are guest spotting in our shop for a few days. Come to the shop and get a unique piece from them. For more info call or just drop by.

Work In Progress by Svetlyo

Best Tattoo Shop in San Francisco 2014

We are happy to receive for the second year in a row the “Best Tattoo Shop” Award from the city of San Francisco! We can’t thank the city and our clients enough for this honor!