New Artwork by Jared

Check out Jared’s sick style!


Back from Huskvarna Tattoo Show

Awesome time in Sweden’s Huskvarna Tattoo show! Being a judge together with these two dudes was an honour! Really international convention filled with awesome artists that is worth visiting. I’ll will visit and be a part of it as long as it runs. Love you all!!!


One of Svetlyo’s big projects


One of Svetlyo’s finished Asian style projects.

Contact Svetlyo to get a special price for a bigger design.

Chest piece by Svetlyo


Svetlyo worked three days in a row to finish most of this chest piece on a hardcore client! :-)


Guest Artists Pernilla and Tony

Guest Artists Pernilla and Tony

Pernilla & Tony are two amazing artists from Sweden! They are guest spotting in our shop for a few days. Come to the shop and get a unique piece from them. For more info call or just drop by.